Speech Therapy and Dysarthria In Seniors


Dysarthria is a speech disorder that is caused by muscle weakness. This disorder results from the damage in the nervous system and affects the muscles we normally use to speak. Patients under our home health care in Columbus, Ohio, who have dysarthria experience difficulty forming and pronouncing words.

The two types of dysarthria are central dysarthria which is caused by damage to the brain, and peripheral dysarthria which is caused by damage to the organs needed for speech.

Some of the early signs of dysarthria are slow, slurred, and mumbled speech, and difficulty in moving your lips, jaw, or tongue. If your senior is experiencing these, ALLIANCE Healthcare Partners LLC encourages you to inform their doctors immediately. It could be a false alarm, but this can help prevent any health complications caused by late diagnosis.

So, how can you help your seniors if they get diagnosed with dysarthria? Your loved one’s doctor will create a treatment plan for your senior based on the severity of their symptoms. Speech therapy is also another treatment that can help improve your loved one’s communication abilities.

Seniors under our compassionate caring in Ohio have easy access to speech therapists. If this is something your loved one needs, give our hands on care services a try. Dial 614-231-8103 for more information.

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