Ways Physical Therapy Helps Minimize Falls

Ways Physical Therapy Helps Minimize Falls

Frequent falls can diminish your senior’s ability to lead a happy and independent life. Falls can result in many undesirable outcomes such as a large injury that may decrease a person’s mobility. Aside from hiring hands on care, there are other ways you can help your loved one improve their balance. These are exercise and physical therapy. ALLIANCE Healthcare Partners LLC offers the convenience of both options.

If your senior is under our home health care in Columbus, Ohio, they will be able to easily get access to experience physical therapists who can help improve their balance and muscle strength.

Here are some ways PT helps your loved one regain their strength and independence:

  • Balance training.
    Your loved one’s PT will design exercises that will challenge your senior’s ability to keep their balance, as well as, recover from tripping or near-falls.
  • Walking and moving.
    Walking programs are often included by PTs in prescribed exercise programs. However, starting a walking program with poor balance can put your senior at a higher risk for falls. Make sure to consult their doctor and therapists before starting the program.
  • Strength training.
    Strength is a key element in reducing falls, especially when combined with balance exercises. Your loved one’s PT will design exercises that target specific muscle groups.

Whatever your loved one’s needs are, compassionate caring in Ohio can help. Just dial 614-231-8103 to get in touch.

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