Telltale Signs That Indicate a Need for Speech Therapy


The ability to communicate effectively is important at any age but can be critical for older adults. When a senior is unable to communicate his or her needs or concerns, their physical and mental health is put at risk. With speech therapy, seniors can enhance their speech and reduce the risk of choking and unhealthy weight loss by improving their ability to swallow.

As a provider of in-home care that offers compassionate caring in Ohio, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for speech therapy:

  • Reliance on non-verbal communication.

    Seniors with diminished speech capacity may rely on non-verbal communication instead of speaking. For instance, a senior may nod their head yes or no instead of speaking. They may also depend on facial expressions to convey emotions or point to objects to communicate their needs.

  • Difficulty swallowing and eating.

    The inability to swallow food properly could be a sign of weakened larynx muscles. This can be dangerous for seniors as it increases the risk of choking and can lead to unhealthy weight loss. Hands on care and speech therapy can address this and ensure safety.

  • Increasing cognitive changes.

    In addition to weakened vocal cords and aging muscles, cognitive impairments from dementia and stroke can also affect a senior’s speech. If a senior is having difficulty finding the right words or is becoming increasingly forgetful, it may be best to get a neuropsychological evaluation to diagnose the problem and receive support through speech therapy if recommended.

ALLIANCE Healthcare Partners LLC is a reliable provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio. We offer speech therapy to help individuals with disorders of cognition, swallowing, communication, and more. Contact us to learn more about speech therapy and its benefits.

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